6.1. The User’s personal data collected at the moment of the creation of the User’s account may be stored by ORVEDA during the period of three years following the data collection or the last purchase realized by the User via the Website or last contact initiated by the User with ORVEDA. At the end of the three years period, ORVEDA may ask the User whether he or she wishes to continue to receive the promotional offers from ORVEDA. In the absence of a positive and explicit answer, ORVEDA will proceed to the erasure of the User’s personal data or its archiving in accordance with local regulations.

6.2. The User’s data relating to Credit Cards and payments are erased once the payment is realized. This period may be postponed until the reception by the customer of the products purchased via the Website or the enforcement by the customer of the right to cancel the purchase realized via the Website (see Clause 7 of Terms and Conditions).

6.3. In the event the User enforces the Opt-out right (see Clause 5), the information enabling ORVEDA to enforce the Opt-out right are stored by ORVEDA during the period which shall not be shorter than three years following the enforcement of the Opt-out right by the User.

6.4. The Cookies used by ORVEDA (see Clause 5) are stored for a maximum period of thirteen months following their installation on the User’s computer.